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Giorgia Pagano is 6 years old, a little girl from Lecce, Puglia (southern Italy). She has got “Berdon syndrome” also called Megacystis-microcolon-intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome (MMIH) which is a rare congenital disease characterised by massive abdominal distension caused by a largely dilated non-obstructed urinary bladder, microcolon and decreased or absent intestinal peristalsis.

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Giorgia lives with four holes in her tummy needed to drain fluids that stagnate her bowel and a catheter in the jugular vein through which a pump feeds Giorgia for 15 hours a day and has since the age of 1. Of course, this doesn’t allow her to eat like a normal child as she always at risk ofseriousinfectionor death…

Giorgia’s mum is fighting to ensure she has all the necessary health care, including medical products/drugs, while at the same time trying to give Giorgia and her little brother of 10 years old, a “normal” life, which is very difficult!

Thanks to her wonderfulfamily, the motherhas managed to createanincredible atmosphere where Giorgia and her brother can indeed live a normal life that givers Giorgia all the energy and happiness to keep going!

Unfortunately our little star has got just one chance to have a normal life and it is a high risk multiorgantransplant(liver, stomach, the entire intestine, duodenum, pancreas, biliary tract, spleen), which has a very high percentageofmortality. The operation can be only carried out in America, where the experiencefor these types of interventions (including post-operative care) is very high compared with the rest of the world, including Europe. A normal family cannot afford this kind of operation as it is ridiculously expensive! Therefore the health costsshould hopefully be coveredentirelybyASL” - Italian Government - (approximately € 3-4million) which includes onlypartof the accommodation and mealsfor1person. All other non-health related costsremainentirelythe responsibility of the family, who arerequiredtotransferto Americafor approx3-4years which is the estimated time betweenwaiting list, operation andpostoperation.

Giorgia’s mum is not working anymore, her life is now dedicated to all the visits, hospitals and needs of Giorgia.

To take Giorgia to America for her last chance to life, her mother has created a non-profit association “STELLINA DI BERDON” to get support/help to pay for all expenses so that she can have a change to stay with her little star.

This association is also trying to help/find other families that are living in the same situation as well as raise all the money for Giorgia’s trip to America.

Even though this is a really sad and hard situation, Giorgia is a lovely little girl, happy, full of energy who just simply wants to live…


Please help us to support Giorgia…

Bank Details –

IBAN – IT 87 Z 05262 16002 CC0790 190708


Viale Aldo Moro - Lecce

PayPal – Stellina di Berdon

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